Friday, 2 September 2011

Digital Art

My first digitally couloured art print
I'm not of the age where computers were a common place thing in schools. I learned how to use a computer years later in work and stock-taking and menu-costing wouldn't be the most creative things to do with your laptop. So when I installed Adobe photoshop and illustrator, I was very excited at the possibilities which lay ahead....way way way ahead.

That was about 2 years ago now. Every time I attempted the most simple action, I was frustrating into hitting the close button and leaving it for another day. I once commented to my husband that you needed a degree to use the damn thing when he informed me that actually there were courses to teach you how to use it, I didn't feel quite so inept.

I turned to my favourite place for help (as I had done while teaching myself to screen print). Youtube. Between it and tutorials found and created by much smarter people than me, I have slowly started to learn just a fraction of the tool functions. As you get older and the brain cells slow, you do of course have to remember exactly how you did everything a few days before.

This week I finally felt confident enough to order a new accessory that I hope might help me further and yesterday my new "Bamboo" graphics tablet and pen arrived. The possiblities I know will be endless. I just hope my patience is......