Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Sieze The Day

I've gone stencil mad this month. First up was my coffee cosy and now I've started on a new line of pillows with latin quotes in a beautiful Old English font on 100% Irish Linen with a black & natural striped linen on the reverse. This one is for my brother for his birthday. I think they would appeal to men and women. Care to offer your favourite latin quote in the comments section? I'm always on the look out for a good one.


  1. lovely!!!

    this is my favorite, included in my lunch notes quotes: nunc scio quid sit amor - now i know what love is. ^-^

    here's a good resource for many a good Latin phrases. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Latin_phrases

  2. ms firefly,
    That's a beautiful one. Thanks for the link.