Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Stocking for winter (in more ways than one).

Every year we say we're going to do the French thing and stockpile our wood for winter at the beginning of the summer letting it weather for a few months and getting the best from it come the freezing cold nights ahead. Six years and a lot of excuses later and we find ourselves cramming it all in again in October. This year though we had the best helper. While Fergus watched on happily in his pram, Leila went for an ever larger log each time. (I wonder where she gets it from).

We took advantage of the beautiful autumn weather, the pile of props and Leila's great mood to do a little photo shoot for my latest Etsy product. A crisp white Christmas stocking made from a vintage table cloth I found at a 'vide grenier' last year. Using an elf embroidery pattern from my new favourite etsy store and trimmed with a beautiful quality deep red gingham, I just can't wait to hang two above the blazing fire on Christmas eve. (that's if the wood lasts that long).

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